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At Qiu Salon we strive to exceed customer expectations, by creating a bond with every single one of them and showing them an excellent time, this is what sets us apart from traditional salons. We see appearance in a different way, as a beautiful accessory that makes us shine and goes hand in hand with our personality.

We also believe outer beauty is linked to inner beauty, to positive feelings and good faith. This pioneering way of thinking is what earned us the trust of hundreds of families and well-known artists in Doral. But most importantly, our customers keep coming back and are now more than regulars, they’re part of our Qiu Family.

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We are not only a beauty salon: we are a family that works together, formed by professional stylists, united by a great friendship and a dream in common named Qiu Salon. This feeling characterizes us and we show it through our daily work with our loyal clients.

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Our mission is to create beautiful results, while maintaining or improving the health of skin and hair!

Our philosophy is all natural ingredients will help preserve the health of your hair and skin. Continuing education and expertise of your hairstylist will help enhance the results!

“We believe that quality is of greater importance than quantity!”

Personalized services beyond the ordinary

Experience an escape when you desire exclusivity. As a Marcos Carrasquillo iconic salon, we believe in using only the finest products for hair and skin. We use holistic healing techniques for chakra healing and balance removing negative energy in a non-toxic environment. Qiu Salon is a place of tranquility for guests embracing a sophisticated style. You deserve the extraordinary. All reservations must be completed online on over the phone.

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