“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” Coco Chanel

At Qiu Salon we do more than just “improving your look”, our philosophy is mainly based on giving you tools so that you feel good about yourself. We encourage self-love and acceptance, which are values that enhance what is, in our opinion, the most beautiful part of all human beings: their soul.
That's why we’ve become active participants in campaigns and movements that seek to empower people and really touch their hearts, thus reinforcing their self-esteem. Our Qiu Team is pleased to help you take back your personal power by making you look the way you’ve always wanted. Our stylists will sit down with you and analyze what style suits you best, according to your particular tastes and needs. Being satisfied with our image gives us confidence and influences the way we face everything in life.
This set of experiences are what shape our self-esteem and how we are perceived by those that surround us. We’d like to be a window through which you can see the world in an optimistic and creative way, feeling you are worthy and confident enough to face everyday challenges with new hopes.
Keep in mind our best makeup is a good attitude and a commitment to be the best version of ourselves. The advice and tools we’ll provide at Qiu will make you shine both on the outside and on the inside, and you’ll look better than ever, as your insecurities fade away and you become more courageous and bold.