“Our work should make people dream” Gianni Versace

This is the Qiu Team’s philosophy. Every day our customers come to us with aspirations and hopes of what they’d love to look like. They put their hearts into finding the right style to renew their appearance, the one that will make them feel more confident and gain a little more of self-love and appreciation. We try very hard to be that window through which they can look at their dreams come true.

Whether you’re looking for a radical change or just trying to mix things up a little bit, our stylists will be there to advise you. This is what sets good stylists apart, how they become your friends and allies, how their expert hands bring out the best in you, by giving you a look that highlights your features and makes all your qualities shine through. This is what gets you closer to your dream and why you’ll leave our salon with a smile on your face.

Take the time to understand who you are, embrace your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. Work constantly on yourself and set your mind to reaching your full potential, so that you can be successful in all your endeavors. Looking your best and showing your best qualities to the world will give you the confidence to take that first step towards self-realization.

We’re here to give you a little push, spread your wings and… fly!