Wedding packages

Let us take the stress out of your wedding day!

On Location Package. Bring your favorite Qiu Salon designers on location for the big day! We will help create your dream day and perfect your look right up to the aisle! There is a $150 location fee (the days that not regular operating are Sunday or Monday) , plus the services of your choice.

Brides services

Trial $80 
Bride Hairstyle $100
Bride Makeup $100
Bridesmaid Hairstyle $75
Bridesmaid Makeup $75
Airbrush Makeup $30

Brides Packages


Trial Hairstyling /Final Hairstyling & Makeup $250
Airbrush Makeup $30


Trial Hairstyling, Trial Makeup, French Manicure & Pedicure, Paraffin Dip, Lunch, Final Hairstyle & Makeup $350
Airbrush Makeup +$30

Paquetes Bridesmaid

“best friend for ever…

1 to 3 best friends… prices are per person  /  Hairstyle & Makeup $150
4 to 6 best friends…prices are per person  /  Hairstyle & Makeup $135
7 to Up best friendsprices are per person  / Hairstyle & Makeup $120

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